LaTeX, Maths, and Code

5 August, 2020

This blog supports code syntax highlighting through prism-react-renderer and the usage of LaTeX\LaTeX via gatsby-remark-katex

However KaTeX\KaTeX (the library used to render) LaTeX\LaTeX will crash your development environment if it encounters a symbol it is unfamiliar with. Make sure you test your posts locally before publishing the site to a production server.

To learn more about implementing LaTeX\LaTeX in markdown, check out the documentation here

LaTeX\LaTeX Examples

Consider the following list of k a's and l b's:

{a,,ak as,b,,bl bsk+l elements}\{\underbrace{% \overbrace{a,\ldots, a}^{k\ a's}, \overbrace{b,\ldots, b}^{l\ b's}} _{k+l\ \mathrm{elements}} \}

Look further at this wild equation:

±x1x2y1y2l1m1l1m1l2m22+m1n1n1l12\frac{\pm \left|\begin{array}{ccc} x_1-x_2 & y_1-y_2 \\ l_1 & m_1 \end{array}\right|} {\sqrt{\left|\begin{array}{cc}l_1&m_1\\ l_2&m_2\end{array}\right|^2 + \left|\begin{array}{cc}m_1&n_1\\ n_1&l_1\end{array}\right|^2}}

Code Examples

Quotient and remainder of a pair of numbers in c++

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main()
  int divisor, dividend, quotient, remainder;

  cout << "Enter dividend: ";
  cin >> dividend;

  cout << "Enter divisor: ";
  cin >> divisor;

  quotient = dividend / divisor;
  remainder = dividend % divisor;

  cout << "Quotient = " << quotient << endl;
  cout << "Remainder = " << remainder;

  return 0;

Sieve of Eratosthenes implemented in Python

def countPrimes_sieve_of_eratosthenes(self, n: int) -> int:
  if n < 2:
      return 0

  marked = set()
  seive = [i for i in range(1, n)]
  skip = 2
  while skip * skip < n:
      if skip not in marked:
          marked.update(seive[2 * skip - 1 :: skip])
      skip += 1

  return len(seive) - len(marked) - 1

Thanks to kunalJa for the examples on this page